Medical care has unfortunately become very expensive. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. Advances in technology
  2. Increases in regulation, which does also ensure better and more consistent care
  3. Increasing use of disposable items
  4. Increasing incidence of medical co-morbidities
  5. Provision of private healthcare is now increasingly by large multinational healthcare organizations, who are required to show a profit

In addition to quality surgery, one of my top priorities is also to provide value for money. Selina Sutherland is a locally established not for profit Trust, and has a symbiotic relationship with the Wairarapa DHB.

I have been able to negotiate fixed prices/estimates for a number of operations. The prices may vary depending on implants, co-morbidities and hospital stay. (my fees are highlighted)

The Global fee for a Hip Replacement with a three day hospital stay should be under $20 000

My fees are as follows :

First Consult : $200

Surgical Fee : $3854

The Global fee for a Total Knee Replacement by me is as follows :

First Consult : $200

Surgical Fee : $4140.05

Due to the variation in other types of procedures, it is difficult to provide an accurate price estimate fees for other individual operations, but we will always prepare a detailed price estimate for you prior to any procedure, and barring unforeseen situations, we are generally able to stick to those estimates.