Born 25/03/1965, Johannnesburg, South Africa

Dec 1982 – Matriculated at Parktown Boys High School, Johannesburg, South Africa

(Distinctions in Maths, Science (Chemistry and Physics) and Biology)

(Same school attended by Murray Ball, Author of Footrot Flats)

Dec 1988 - Completed Primary Medical Degree, MBBCh, at University of the Witwatersrand, Johhanesburg

Jan 1990 to Dec 1990 - Senior House Officer (Surgical Rotation) at Johannesburg Hospital

Jan 1991 to Dec 1991 – Miltary Service. Sole Medical Officer at Walvis Bay, Namibia, Army and Navy base.

Jan 1992 to Dec 1992 – General Surgery Training, Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg. (Many Kiwi doctors go to Baragwanath for the broad surgical experience encountered there, especially gunshot wounds.)

Jan 1993 to Dec 1996 – Orthopaedic Training at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Jan 1997 to August 2002 – Private Practice, Johannesburg South Africa

Netcare Garden City Hospital, Mayfair West, Johannesburg (365 beds)

Netcare Milpark Hospital, Parktown, Johannesburg (346 beds)

23 August 2002 - Arrival at Masterton Hospital, now Wairarapa Hospital

September 2003 – commenced part-time private practice at Selina Sutherland Hospital

2006 - Migration from old Masterton Hospital to the new Wairarapa Hospital

2020 – Resigned from Wairarapa Public Hospital (after 18 years) to concentrate on Private Practice at Selina Sutherland Hospital

Since starting at Selina Sutherland Hospital in 2003, I have been engaged in general Orthopaedic Practice, doing very much what I do now. Implants and techniques have evolved (slightly) over time, but the principals of Orthopaedic Surgery have remained more or less the same. Rigid fixation. Restore normal alignment. Early motion. Minimize bone loss. Preserve the soft tissues and blood supply. Rebuild the bone. Avoid complications. Being a rural Orthopaedic Surgeon, the scope of my practice is fairly broad. Ie I cannot specialize in just one operation but have to maintain my skills over a broad spectrum of different operations.

I do a fair amount of ACC elective cases (dealing with the results of injuries) eg. cartilage tears in the knee, ligament reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs, removing plates and screws etc.

Most of the work that I do is Joint Replacements – Hips and Knees. These are the most satisfying for me as the results are generally very rewarding and fairly predictable. I have personally undertaken more than 500 knee replacements and 600 hip replacements. I have been a participant on the National Joint Register since 2002, where all joint replacements undertaken in New Zealand are recorded and monitored. The longevity and functional score of my patients are all comparable with the New Zealand standard. I am also involved in regular audit meetings with my colleagues, four times a year, where case numbers, complications, interesting cases and Joint Register figures are discussed. This is a mandatory requirement of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) and the Medical Council (NZMC).

In addition to this, I am required to accumulate 70 points (one point per hour) a year for Continuing Medical Education (CME), and I have been compliant every year since the inception of CME activities becoming mandatory in the early 2000’s.

The advantage of working at a very small private hospital is the ability to pay close attention to patients. We are a tight knit team and efficiently run by our Manager Cate Tyrer. Selina offers competitive rates. (see Pricing).